Jimmy The Bull

Introducing…Jimmy the Bull — the star of artist, Rafael Mantesso’s Instagram feed; and of this humorous new collection of gifts and homeware.

 Born 29th December 2009, Jimmy Choo — named for the artist’s wife’s favourite shoe designer — is now a global star. When Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him on his 30th birthday, she took everything…except for their ginger-eared bull terrier. Whilst watching Jimmy trotting and cavorting around the empty, all-white apartment, Rafael found inspiration in his best friend. When Jimmy then collapsed in happy exhaustion next to one of the white walls, his owner grabbed a marker and began drawing a new world around him — Jimmy the Bull was born!

Mantesso’s whimsical drawings have attracted attention from around the world, and are now available for fans to take home with them too! This exciting new collection encompasses a broad range of formats — from figurines to wall art; money banks to pencil cases — so there’s a little bit of Jimmy for everyone!

So, why not treat yourself or a special person in your life to a piece of art that’s guaranteed to raise a smile!

© Rafael Mantesso 2018