Peanuts Snoopy And Charlie Brown X 4 Plush Set

Peanuts Snoopy And Charlie Brown X 4 Plush Set

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  • Peanuts plush set. You will receive 1 x snoopy, 1 x woodstock, 1 x charlie brown, 1 x lucy plush
  • Charlie and Lucy are 10". Snoopy and woodstock 7.5"
  • 100% officially licensed Peanuts merchandise
  • Cuddly, adorable and super soft

Our little baby Snoopy will make the perfect K-9 Companion for your office desk or bedroom. He measures only 7.5 inches tall and thanks to his bean filled behind, will sit upright on a hard flat surface. Our Snoopy Plush Toy also has Super Soft Fur, so be sure to give him a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ear every now and then! Super Soft Snoopy Beanie/ Plush Toy. Measures approx. 7.5 Inches/ 19cm from standing. Will sit thanks to a plastic bean filled bottom. Made from Polyester Fibres and Plastic Pellets.


Your Peanuts Character collection really wouldn't be complete without Charlie Brown! If you had a soft spot for this simple and kind hearted little chap, then Charlie's presence in your home will not only remind you of the enjoyment had from the Peanuts Comic Strip, but act as a reminder that it's ok to make a few mistakes, so long as you have heart and keep trying! Measures approx. 10 Inches/ 25.5cm from standing, will sit thanks to a plastic bean filled bottom, made from Polyester Fibres and Plastic Pellets. 100% officially licensed Peanuts merchandise.


Remember Lucy? She's the one who would hold the football for Charlie Brown as he ran up to kick, only to pull it away at the last minute, causing Charlie to fly into the air before landing on his back with a great 'Thud!'. If you have a bit of a cheeky side and can get on board with Lucy's wicked sense of humour then why not team up with our Lucy Soft Toy and see what other tricks you can come up with?!


Ordinarily Woodstock would be Snoopy's sidekick, but if you don't own one of our loveable Snoopy Soft Toys we won't hold that against you. Woodstock will make a great assistant for your home or around the office, if only to remind you of the awesomeness of the Peanuts Comic Strip and the good times had, back when you were a kid.

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